The Veta Dorada plant opened at a 300-tonne-per-day capacity (102,000 tonnes per year) and management is planning to increase its ore processing capacity to 360 tpd as soon as possible thereafter, as it continues to grow its ore inventory. This plant is designed to be readily expandable to 450 tpd (153,000 tpy) and then to 600 tpd (204,000 tpy) by adding additional processing lines and ball mills.

The completion of the Veta Dorada plant was an important and strategic milestone for the corporation. Now that production has commenced, the focus for the remainder of the year will be set on increasing its ore inventory at the Veta Dorada plant, where the corporation expects to take advantage of a much better milling site location (along the Pan American highway) and better process and cost-efficiency to improve its operating results and ramp-up production in the near future.

The corporation is currently running the Veta Dorada plant at approximately 300 tpd . With minor incremental cost, the corporation plans to expand this capacity to 360.

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