In 2019 we started on the road to sustainability, which represents an essential pillar of our business. We intend to fully project ourselves in a medium and long term vision, to generate value with accountability for our stakeholders and Dynacor.

Our purpose is to contribute to the development of society, which is why we conduct our activities protecting the environment with increasingly sustainable production systems that allow us to generate positive social impacts and adequate business results, being a good employer and a good corporate neighbor.

Our commitment to a business model which includes artisanal and small-scale miners (ASM) as part of our responsible supply chain has been a continuous learning process.

Since 2021, after analyzing our strategic projection for the next few years and collecting information generated in the various spaces for dialogue that we held with our stakeholders, we have been focusing on the initial sustainability issues to be managed : the traceability of our product, climate change, the responsible use of chemicals, efficient use of water resources, human rights, among others.


To guarantee compliance with our environmental sustainability objectives, we have policies, procedures and controls in the operations of our subsidiaries.

Water consumption management procedures; energy; waste; greenhouse gas emissions; ozone depleting substances; air quality, emissions and noise; handling and storage of chemicals; biodiversity protection; and procedures in the event of emergencies are evaluated through our EMS (Environmental Management System), based on the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

The environmental commitments indicated in the environmental impact studies (EIS), assumed by our subsidiaries, are met to the extent of the boundaries set forth by the legislation of each country, to guarantee the preservation of the environment.

We are committed to preserving and caring for the environment.



Participatory environmental monitoring is conducted voluntarily to meet the expectations of stakeholders in the operation of our subsidiaries.

As part of our transparency policy, the participatory environmental monitoring (PEM) of air was carried out at our Veta Dorada Benefit Plant (Chala-Arequipa)

Authorities and representatives of the Chala Viejo Rural Community receive training prior to monitoring.

In participatory environmental monitoring, the process and equipment used in air measurement were explained.


As part of the environmental commitment assumed by our subsidiary Veta Dorada, we operated the closure of the Metalex Beneficio Hacienda Plant, in Peru, from 2017 to 2018.

In this plant, metallic ores were processed through the cyanidation and flotation system at an installed capacity of 250 TMD, in 100 hectares.

The operation’s planned closure covered beneficial activities and the disposal of tailings, as well as temporary facilities for waste management and other auxiliary facilities.

Post-closing work was driven by creating a space of dialogue. In addition, long-term social programs were implemented along the following lines of action: education, health, nutrition, environmental management, local employment, basic infrastructure, developing and strengthening management capacities in local institutions, and the promotion of culture.

Huanca, former processing plant of Dynacor. They moved the plant to Chala in 2019 and cleaned the area. They left the soccer field for the locals.


The commitment to the areas of direct influence of our subsidiaries’ operations consists in promoting local development and the well-being of people. 

We seek to achieve a shared vision between the community and our Corporation, to grow and develop together.

The good relations that we have built with civil and social organizations in the areas of influence of our operations are based on respect, transparency and trust.

We comply with standards and regulations that guarantee our ethical behavior with our stakeholders and we are committed to the objectives of 14 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).






Chala Sur primary School, Chala, Peru. PX impact and Dynacor teamed up to give an extra premium for the villages of the artisanal miners selling their ore to Dynacor gold processing plant Veta Dorada . The miners are therefore not using mercury and polluting the environment.   The premium are collected by Fidamar, the NGO created by PX impact and Dynacor, to invest in local projects. Here they invested US$ 19,000 to restore and repaint the Chala Sur primary School.


The International Aid Fund for Artisanal Miners (FIDAMAR) is a non-profit organization made up of Dynacor and our client PX Precinox. Its main objective is to develop projects and social interventions focused on closing gaps in the communities of artisanal and small-scale miners (ASM) in specific areas such as education and health.

Funding for these projects comes from PX Precinox’s PX Impact® program, which is made up of premiums paid by end customers over the average market price of gold.

FIDAMAR is devoted to contributing to the social development of ASM communities, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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